Communication with the Student with Hearing Loss

Arrange your classroom to encourage easy communication.
  • Students should have a clear view of the faces of the teacher and the other students.
  • Students with hearing aids should be seated away from sources of environmental noise, such as air conditioners or movie projectors.
  • Students should not be facing bright lights or a window that will create a glare making it difficult to see the face of the speaker and/or the interpreter.
  • Allow the student to move around the classroom freely to obtain the best opportunity to gain information throughout a lesson.

Help students participate in classroom discussions.
  • Remind students to speak one at a time.
  • Repeat discussion points made by students.
  • Point to the student who is speaking.
  • When possible, have students sit in a circle.

Strategies for the Classroom
  • Repeat the message. Try to face the student, stay at close range, use appropriate facial expressions, and talk at a moderate pace.
  • Rephrase the message. When possible, restate the message using different vocabulary or sentence structure.
  • Demonstrate or act out the message when you can.
  • Write the message or key words of the message on the board or on paper.