Forms, Forms, and More Forms!

Accountability, documentation, record, evidence-based practice....

So many words to demonstrate today's reality of a LOT of paperwork related to educating students.

On this page many documents will be provided for you to download and use in your role as an Itinerant Teacher. If you have some of your own materials to share - please do!

Sample Forms for Consultation:
  • Consultation Log
  • Parent Introduction to Consultation
  • Introduction to Providing Consultation - Elementary
  • Introduction to Providing Consultation - Secondary
  • Introduction to Providing Consultation: Unilateral Loss Elementary
  • Introduction to Providing Consultation: Unilateral Loss Secondary
  • Consultation Staff Follow-up
  • Example Consultation Survey/Report

Sample Forms for Student Information:

Sample Forms for Parents and Schools:
  • Parent Introduction to Itinerant Services
  • Principal Elementary
  • Principal Secondary
  • What is the IEP?
  • Levels of Hearing Loss
  • Tips for A Successful Learning Environment for Students with Hearing Loss
  • Providing Direct Service - Elementary
  • Providing Direct Service - Secondary
  • Introduction to Providing Direct Service: Unilateral Loss Elementary
  • Introduction to Providing Direct Service: Unilateral Loss Secondary

Mail Merge

Gail Wright
Mail Merge has become my new passion! If you are at all familiar with Mail Merge you will love some of the new things I'm using. I keep a master spreadsheet (Excel) with tons of information about each of my students all saved on 1 page. I can then create forms, letters, cover sheets for my binders etc and merge them with the Excel sheet.
student info sheets.doc

Handouts that Lynne Price shared during her presentations at FEHI.

  • Teacher Questionnaire

  • Effective Listening--Teaching Tips

  • D/HH Services Classroom Observation Form

  • Targeting Educational Risk for D/HH Students

Forms from different Itinerant Teachers of D/HH

The Northeast Florida Itinerant teachers of the D/HH met on December 15, 2009 to collaborate. Here are some of the forms that the different counties are using.